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As part of our commitment to cross-pollination of the arts, Martyrs’ is sponsoring a year-long short writing competition.

Writers, who may be published or unpublished, are invited to submit a piece of fiction or non-fiction writing up to 5000 words long, inspired by any piece of art on display in the gallery during 2017. Submissions will be considered for publication in an anthology to be published by Martyrs’ Press in December 2017. Writers whose work is selected for the anthology will be invited to participate in a live reading event on Thursday 7 December.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Writers must be aged 18 or over.
  2. Writers may be published or unpublished, but the submitted work must not have been published or offered for publication elsewhere.
  3. Implicit in making a submission is an undertaking that the work is the sole and unplagiarised work of the submitting writer.
  4. Implicit in making a submission is the granting of first publication rights to Martyrs’ Press, if selected.
  5. Writers may submit more than one discrete piece of writing.
  6. Submissions may be fiction or non-fiction but must not exceed 5000 words.
  7. Submissions must be inspired by a specific work of art shown during the 2017 Martyrs’ Gallery programme.
  8. Submissions may be made electronically or in hard copy, and must include a cover sheet giving the following information: full name or nom-de-plume; street address; email address; contact phone number; the name of the artwork that inspired the writing and the artist who created it. If there is any difficulty in identifying the artwork, a photograph may be attached (quality unimportant).
  9. Electronic submissions should be emailed to in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. Electronic submissions in any other format will not be considered.
  10. Hard copy submissions should be sent by post to: Alex Grey, Martyrs’ Gallery and Project Space, Star Brewery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, BN7 1YJ or may be hand-delivered.
  11. Safe receipt of electronic submissions may be assumed; please do not email to check that your previous email has arrived. Hard copy submissions will be acknowledged only if a stamped, self-addressed postcard is included.
  12. The closing date for submissions is midnight on Saturday 18 November in order to afford writers the opportunity to see the entire 2017 artistic programme. However, writers whose work is inspired by art shown earlier in the year need not wait until the closing date is imminent to make their submission. All writers will be contacted as soon as possible after the closing date as to whether or not their work has been selected for publication.
  13. All writers whose work has been selected for publication are invited to participate in a live reading event at the gallery in the evening of Thursday 7 December 2017, in conjunction with the annual Lewes Late Night Shopping event.
  14. There is no charge for making a submission to the competition, nor is there any obligation to purchase copies of the anthology.