Martyrs’ Gallery and Project Space

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COOP presents U TURN

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 September ONLY (12 noon–5pm)

A lone filmed foot turns and returns, front to back, back-to-front, to stay in the same spot, simultaneously rising, ready to step off the floor, and descending, impelled by gravity. No one can say which direction this dislocated foot is moving in, only that it is alive and has spun off into a mad but measured dance of its own. Is it showing off? Calling for help? It appears deeply vulnerable without a body to guide it as it tries to assert its independence…

coop are an artist duo who work collaboratively in the space between drawing, projection and animation. U turn, a work created specifically for Martyrs’ Gallery, is a dislocated limb separated from the body of work they have created for an exhibition at Anglia Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge later this year. The animated digital work and drawn elements will be accompanied by an extended performance that, though minimal, will form a dialogue with real-time changes in the animation.

coop are Clio Lloyd-Jacob and Andrew James.